Cosipillow Solid grey 50x50cm

Cosipillow Solid grey 50x50cm
When temperatures are dropping, Cosipillows will make your evening cosy and comfortable. Cosi’s heating cushions are provided with an infrared heating element and are made of high-quality Sunbrella fabric.

Due to its material, the heating cushions are UV, colour and mould-resistant, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. While you sit on the sofa or in an armchair with a drink, the heating cushions make you feel cosy and comfortable.

All Cosipillows are eco-friendly since the heating cushions warm up your body directly without losing heat into the (outside) air. That saves warmth and energy because the thermostat does not have to be cranked up. Cosipillows feature three heat settings: low 38°C, mid 45°C and high 50°C. Choose a heat setting by using the control button on the pillow. By pressing the button, the infrared heating element is activated so you can enjoy your evening in the comfortable heat provided by the Cosipillow.

When using the heating cushion at its lowest heat setting (+/-38°C), the battery lasts an average of 5 hours. When using the highest heat setting (+/-50°C), the average time is 2 hours.

The pillow cover of the heating cushion can be washed as per the washing instructions. You will find these on the label on the inside of the cushion. Please note: the inner cushion and the infrared system cannot and must not be washed.

Cosipillows are delivered including a rechargeable battery and an adapter.

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