Beef Barbecue Rub 170ml Schraubdose

Brilliant to Beef Brisket, Beef Ribs, Pulled Beef & Co.: With the S! Beef Barbecue Rub succeeds! Please massage this BBQ Rub spice mixture for beef gently and with full dedication, extraordinary elegance and (very important and decisive for tender BBQ beef!) a large portion of love into the beef ribs, the pulled beef, beef brisket & Co., before you go into the BBQ smoker, the kettle grill or even into the oven. Then give the rub enough time so that it can be well absorbed into the meat. Dose the rub carefully and sprinkle a little – because excess rub next to the meat can no longer be used because it has already been in contact with the meat.

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    Le mélange d’épices sans sucre est une épice idéale pour la grillade indirecte du bœuf le goût. Pour le mélange d’épices polyvalent de STAY SPICED ! nous avons utilisé du sel de mer non traité, du paprika, du poivre, du romarin et du piment de Cayenne.