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Cozinha Ofyr

Reinvent your garden

Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more trendy. With a lifestyle that favors spending time outdoors, they offer an additional dimension to traditional barbecues, offering a complete culinary experience in the great outdoors.

So, it is possible to combine the pleasure of cooking outdoors and sharing special moments with your loved ones, in a friendly atmosphere.


Exceptional quality

Feier a Flam offers a selection of premium brands to suit all needs. Strong and durable, designed to be modular and adapted to your desires, giving you the freedom to personalize your outdoor space as you wish.


Whether you are a Gas, Charbon, Kamado team or a fan of planchas, we have the solution ! You can also add a fridge or even a water point for an uncompromising outdoor experience

Our Service

For us, grilling is not just an activity, it's a passion. This is what sets us apart and makes us experts in the field.

Our Outdoor Kitchen brands

Nos marques

Home consultation

We come to your home to discuss your project, guaranteeing a personalized approach adapted to your needs.

Tailor-made Solutions

Each client is unique. This is why we offer solutions specifically designed to meet your expectations.

Complete support

From the planning phase to installation, we are here to help you ensure your experience is optimal.

Some impressions

About our brands

Ofyr Cozhina

  • Premium design and quality, made in the Netherlands
  • 3 different pieces of furniture, two different colors
  • With Kamado “The Bastard” or plancha “Ofyr”
  • Fully modular configurator                      

Forge Adour

  • Outdoor kitchens made in Spain
  • Designed in France mostly around their well known planchas
  • Completely modular configurable
  • Various design possibilities, stainless steel or coated steel in various colors

BBQ Kitchen

  • Specially designed for Weber grills
  • Weber quality
  • Entièrement modulables
  • Fully modular configurator

Otto Wilde

  • Great german quality, powered by Miele
  • Completely modular configurable
  • Features innovative & modular (!)  Smart Grills
  • No need to worry about weather detoriating the kitchen modules
  • Fully modular configurator 

Napoleon Oasis

  • Premium quality made by Napoleon
  • Completely modular configurable
  • Also available as built-in components for brick-built outdoor kitchens
  • 10 year warranty

Burnout Kitchen

  • Luxury quality made in Germany
  • Completely modular configurable
  • Various design possibilities
  • No need to worry about bad weather damaging kitchen modules
  • Fully modular configurator 

Some references of our installations

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