'Feier a Flam' (Luxembourgish for 'fire and flame') stands for passion for grilling since 2016. We offer our customers the highest quality grilling equipment and accessories.
We currently carry quality brands such as Napoleon, Petromax, Dry Ager, Otto Wilde, Weber, Meater, Lyonerpann, Ankerkraut, Stay Spiced, San Marcos and many more. 
Our grill material can be ordered online, and can be conveniently delivered or picked up at our grill shop in Windhof. Some brands like Dry Ager are only available in the shop. 

In addition to the sale of grilling material, wel also show in our steak tastings and grilling courses how to use all this material and what you can do with it.
In our grill academy you can find information about the different varieties of steak tastings, such as the steak tasting whisky special, as well as the current range of grill courses.