Our team


Founder and chief visionary, Tom is the driving force behind the company and the real Chief Entrecôte Officer and Grillmaster. He loves to grill and playing with fire. Currently he holds the Gourmetfleisch Ambassador and Whisky Ambassador certifications.


Stéphane is co-founder and CEO of Feier a Flam. He has a talent for planning and strategy and is a skilled number wizard. He brings a unique perspective to decision-making and drives the company forward with his insights and expertise.


Julien joined us in early 2022, and he is not only the manager of Feier a Flam, but also a real expert in grill hardware and gas installations. He has in-depth knowledge and a passion for the field, making him the go-to person for all things grilling and gas. Julien's expertise and commitment to customer service make him a valuable member of the Feier a Flam team.

Administrative Responsible

Anna joined in 2021 and today she is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the company by managing all administrative tasks effectively. Anna plays a crucial role in keeping Feier a Flam running efficiently. She is a dedicated professional who always strives to provide excellent service to both customers and colleagues.

Gilbert WELTER 
 Culinary responsible

Gilbert is a renowned retired chef who recently joined the Feier a Flam team as Grillmaster. With a wealth of culinary expertise, Gilbert is today responsible for the culinary pillar at Feier a Flam, including the company's popular grilling courses. As a highly experienced and skilled chef, he brings a unique perspective and depth of knowledge to the team, helping to elevate Feier a Flam's offerings to new heights.

Christian PAOLONI 
 Culinary assistant

Christian is a recent addition to the Feier a Flam team. With a passion for cooking and a commitment to excellence, he will work closely with the team to improve and organize the company's grilling courses and steak tastings. In addition, Christian will play a key role in the organization of Feier a Flam's external events, such as our show grillings. With his culinary expertise, Christian is poised to make a valuable contribution to the Feier a Flam team.

We are proud holders of following certifications

Napoleon Premier Service Partner

Weber Premium Partner

Gourmetfleisch Ambassador

Otto Wilde Service Partner Gold

Whisky Ambassador