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Bourbon Vanille gemahlen,170ml Schraubdose
Bourbon vanilla is a widely used spice in the dessert world for desserts of all kinds as well as a special something for fish and meat dishes.
39,99 € 39.99 EUR
What a Brisket - Barbecue Rub, 170ml Schraubdose
Alongside spare ribs and pulled pork, beef brisket - especially from the smoker - is part of the "Holy Trinity" of a classic American barbecue. Perfectly grilled or smoked beef brisket is considered the supreme discipline of the three specialities.

The perfect rub is essential for success - like the What a Brisket - Barbecue Rub by Stay Spiced! The balanced mix of Bengali long pepper, garlic, onions, coconut blossom sugar and cardamom provide the typically spicy and slightly sweet BBQ aromas. The basis for the spice mixture is untreated mountain salt.
9,49 € 9.49 EUR
Umami Gewürzzubereitung, 170ml Schraubdose
the taste
With the umami spice from STAY SPICED ! soups, sauces, dressings, dips can be tasted harmoniously and short roasts, fish, salads and legumes of all kinds can be rounded off in taste. Give it a try!

The umami spice from STAY SPICED ! is composed of the finest pure spices, which round off the taste of food in a natural way. Finely ground onions, mustard flour, untreated sea salt, tomato powder, ground lemon peel and many other ingredients have been harmoniously put together to underline the umami taste unobtrusively and naturally.
7,49 € 7.49 EUR
TingTing - Asiatisches Wok & Grillgewürz, 170ml Schraubdose
Grilled food tastes good with classic barbecue flavours but exotic, Asian spices also go wonderfully with grilled meat, fish and vegetables. Seafood and poultry can also be grilled in the Asian style with this spice mix.

Exotic ingredients such as yuzu peel, star anise and shiitake come together in the Stay Spiced! TingTing grill spice with sesame, mildly spicy chilli without seeds, garlic and Himalayan salt flakes.

Use: Use the TingTing spice mix as a base for liquid marinades or season your grilled food directly with it. Also ideal as a finishing/table spice. You can also use it to refine not only grilled dishes but also all stir-fried dishes.
9,49 € 9.49 EUR
8,79 € 8.790000000000001 EUR
Smoky Chili Steak Grillgewürz, 170ml Schraubdose
Smoky Chili Steak Grill Spice
Whether as a rub, as a barbecue marinade base for pork, beef, chicken and vegetarian barbecue recipes or to season your ready-grilled steak directly at the table: The STAY SPICED ! Smoky Chili Steak Grill spice is always a delicate taste option. In any case, however, the following applies: After seasoning, you should avoid high heat at all costs. So if you want to grill your grilled food directly or in the beefer, we recommend seasoning it afterwards with Smoky Chili Steak - so the spice is optimally preserved in its taste.
8,49 € 8.49 EUR
Scampi & Gambas, Grill & Pfannengewürz 170ml Schraubdose
Classic and balanced, this mixture of untreated sea salt, paprika, cayenne chilli, onions, garlic, oregano, parsley and thyme brings a Caribbean feeling to any seafood dish. Enjoy with scampi shrimp, prawns and more, whether they are prepared on the grill, in the pan or on a pizza.

Goes with any shellfish, especially ideal for marinades, dips and sauces.
For tasty marinades, simply mix the spice blend with olive oil, and marinate the scampi and prawns for three hours. Then grill or fry over medium heat.
7,99 € 7.99 EUR
Raclette & Käse Gewürzmischung, 170ml Schraubdose
The raclette spice from STAY SPICED ! harmonizes wonderfully with melted cheese with its noble pure spices such as smoked paprika, mountain core salt, onions, various pepper specialties and garlic - this makes the balanced spice mixture the optimal accompaniment of raclette and cheese fondue. Simply offer directly as a table spice, so everyone can season the melted cheese individually and season it to taste.

S! Tip: The STAY SPICED ! With its smoky and peppery notes, raclette spice is also very suitable for seasoning grilled vegetables, steaks and chops.
7,99 € 7.99 EUR
Pork & Beef - Kräuter Gewürzzubereitung 170ml Schraubdose
Herbs and pork simply taste wonderful together! This exceptionally full-bodied spice blend was created with this in mind. Carefully selected and coordinated herbs, elegant Fleur de Sel and various types of pepper go perfectly with high-quality pork.

The balanced, harmonious herbal rub brings variety to your plate.

Use the Pork & Beef spice whenever you need a strong herbal note! It goes well with beef, chicken, wild game, lamb and fish as well as with vegetables or soups.
7,99 € 7.99 EUR
Pil Pil - orig. mexikanisch spanisches Fischgewürz, grob, 170ml Schraubdose
This spice blend is perfect for any type of seafood, from fish to crustaceans. The extraordinary spice mixture conjures up delicious scents of Spanish and Mexican dishes.

Untreated sea salt, smoky peppers, fruity lemons and mild chillies as well as garlic, pepper and parsley, round out the harmonious mixture.

The spice blend tastes wonderful with pasta, casseroles and salads. Just try it!

Recipe: Pil Pil Prawns
7,99 € 7.99 EUR
Lemongras - Zitronengras - grob-geschnitten - thailändisch, 170ml Schraubdose
Lemongrass is mainly used in Southeast Asian cuisine. It is very popular for fish and seafood, as well as for veal, lamb, beef and chicken. The S! Lemongrass a special touch. In Asia, in addition to rounding off typical Vietnamese or Indonesian cuisine, it is also very often used for tea drinks, but only the stem and the leaves are used.
6,99 € 6.99 EUR
Geflügel - Grill & Pfannengewürz 170ml Schraubdose
A classic that should not be missing in any kitchen! Carefully selected and harmoniously composed spices and herbs combine to create a full-bodied, spicy experience for chicken, turkey & more. Hickory smoked salt and beech smoke provide a BBQ flavour even when you bake or cook your chicken.

Use for marinades or season directly. Also excellent with vegetable dishes.
8,09 € 8.09 EUR
Fenchel gemahlen, 170ml Schraubdose
Its aromatic, slightly sweet taste and smell is a little reminiscent of liquorice or anise. Fennel belongs to the umbelliferous family. It needs a warm location with nutrient-rich soil. The green leaves can be harvested continuously.
6,99 € 6.99 EUR
Fajitas & Hähnchen - mexikanisch - Gewürz, 170ml Schraubdose
This is the perfect Tex-Mex spice mix for dishes such as enchiladas, burritos and fajitas. It includes smoked jalapeno chillies, smoked paprika and smoked salt for a delightfully spicy and smoky taste.

Tip: You can use the Stay Spiced! Fajitas & Chicken seasoning mixed with a little oil as a marinade for roasted or grilled chicken.
7,99 € 7.99 EUR
Cumin - Kreuzkümmel - ganz, 170ml Schraubdose
In the growing regions it is a very important spice and irreplaceable in many dishes and spice mixtures. Examples: curries, masalas, chili con carne, salsas, falafel. In Europe, cumin in combination with cheese has gained in importance, albeit only to a very small extent. It can be used as an alternative to caraway in all dishes.
7,49 € 7.49 EUR
Dark Side of BBQ, 170ml Schraubdose
The Rub Dark Side of BBQ by Stay Spiced! is a sensation for several reasons. First of all, the look is surprising: the Palm Island salt, blackened with activated charcoal, is a real eye-catcher. But an explosion of aromas is also waiting to unfurl your taste buds: with fine spices and herbs such as garlic, black sesame and mustard seeds, black cumin, coriander and porcini mushrooms, along with fruity-hot ancho chilli. The sweet cherry powder adds the final fruity flourish.
9,99 € 9.99 EUR
Crusty Crust - knuspriger Allrounder, 170ml Schraubdose
Crusty Crust is a versatile seasoning spice mix with a special cunch by Stay Spiced! The spicy-sweet spice blend goes well with grilled meat, fish and vegetables.

Black and white sesame provide the crunch, while Himalayan salt flakes, maple syrup, fennel, garlic and other fine pure spices are responsible for an exciting yet harmonious play of flavours.

Kitchen tip: For a truly special experience ty Crusty Crust with salmon and cauliflower.
9,49 € 9.49 EUR
Black Dust - Black Barbecue Rub 170ml Schraubdose
Black Dust - Black Barbecue Rub
Black is the new black: The S! Black Dust BBQ Rub by shows it! For the optimal taste result, it is best to eat the meat the day before preparation in the BBQ Smoker with the Black Dust Black Barbecue Rub from STAY SPICED ! scrub. Dry the meat, for example beef brisket, pastrami, beiried, flank steak or pulled pork, spare ribs and crest, beforehand and brush it – depending on your taste – with mustard before scrubbing it with the Black Dust Rub. Afterwards, the preparation of the meat continues as usual on the grill or in the BBQ smoker.
8,49 € 8.49 EUR
Beef Barbecue Rub 170ml Schraubdose
Brilliant to Beef Brisket, Beef Ribs, Pulled Beef & Co.: With the S! Beef Barbecue Rub succeeds! Please massage this BBQ Rub spice mixture for beef gently and with full dedication, extraordinary elegance and (very important and decisive for tender BBQ beef!) a large portion of love into the beef ribs, the pulled beef, beef brisket & Co., before you go into the BBQ smoker, the kettle grill or even into the oven. Then give the rub enough time so that it can be well absorbed into the meat. Dose the rub carefully and sprinkle a little – because excess rub next to the meat can no longer be used because it has already been in contact with the meat.
7,99 € 7.99 EUR
American Steak - Grill & Barbecue Gewürz 170ml Schraubdose
This traditional American blend has everything that makes a good barbecue spice: smoked salt, beech smoke and pepper, coriander, paprika and garlic. What more do you want for a delicious steak?

The uniquely malty taste is reminiscent of spicy craft beers and goes perfectly with any grilled foods. The spice blend won the Barbecue World Championship in 2010.

How to make the perfect steak: sauté, then season and refine with olive oil or herb butter. This keeps the ingredients in the blend from burning!
9,89 € 9.89 EUR