Cosiscoop Pillar L black

Cosiscoop Pillar L black
These fantastic pillar-shaped Cosiscoop gas fires steal the show in any garden, patio or under the veranda. The Pillar is available in two variations: stylish black and sturdy teak wood. Cosiscoop Pillars are stand-alone objects that steal the show in any location.

In contrast to other Cosiscoops, these large lanterns run on gas bottles, both 5 and 10 kg, instead of a small gas cartridge. That means that the Pillar lasts longer than the smaller Scoops. With a 5 kg gas bottle, the Cosiscoop Pillar will burn for about 70 hours. The magnificent Pillars fit Benegas gas bottles as well as DIN gas bottles.

*Please note: choosing a teak Cosiscoop Pillar? Do not cover teak with a protective cover. You can leave the teak Pillar outside or store it in, for example, a garage or garden shed.

The Cosiscoop Pillar is delivered including a 30 mBar regulator with gas hose, glass and pebbles.

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