Introduction: Stay Spiced

High quality in the spice world
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Introduction: Stay Spiced



At Feier a Flam we are always looking for products that inspire our customers. Of course, this also includes a variety of foods, such as spices here, for example.

We are proud to present Stay Spiced. Stay Spiced is a new spice brand based in Austria that will revolutionize your grilling experience.

 Stay Spiced Scampi & GambasStay Spiced Scampi & Gambas

About Stay Spiced

Stay Spiced is a company founded in 2019 by 2 friends from Germany. The idea came from a shared passion for spices and the need to bring high quality and sustainable spices to the market.

The 2 founders started their journey by carefully selecting and testing spices from different suppliers around the world. They attach great importance to the origin of the spices and work closely with their suppliers to ensure that their products are fairly traded and produced sustainably.

Stay Spiced offer a range of classic spice blends like curry or garam masala, as well as rarer spices like black garlic or timut pepper. All spices are shipped in reusable containers or biodegradable bags to minimize environmental impact.

The company quickly made a name for itself and is now a popular choice for spices with many customers in Germany and beyond. Stay Spiced has also emerged as a pioneer in the sustainability movement and is actively committed to protecting the environment.

Their name stands for quality, sustainability, naturalness and an extra dose of perfectionism in every single spice jar, with which they respond to the needs of their customers.

Specialized in the composition of the highest quality content, they offer a unique taste experience.​

Stay Spiced Caprese, Aglio Olio, Chili Salz, Fisch, Mediterran, SteakStay Spiced

The spices

Stay Spiced offers a wide range of the best quality spice blends suitable for any meal. For example for Indian, Mediterranean, Asian or Mexican cuisine, but also for baking and to create delicious cocktails. In addition, they also offer custom spices made to the needs of their customers.

Naturalness is at the top of the list for Stay Spiced. All their spices and spice blends are made without colorings and flavor enhancers such as glutamate.

Their spice blends are easy to use and add a distinctive flavor to any meal. We are convinced that their products will help make cooking and grilling an unforgettable experience.

With Stay Spiced, you can enjoy a trip around the world from the comfort of your own home. There is definitely something for every taste and every favorite recipe.

Stay Spiced Bourbon VanillaStay Spiced Bourbon Vanilla


Sustainability is a top priority at Stay Spiced. They guarantee:

  • 100% made in Austria
  • 100% reusable packaging, without plastic
  • CO2-neutral Transport
  • They get their electricity from 100% renewable energy sources


From spices to spice mixtures, oils, sauces and gift boxes for every occasion, there is something for everyone, whether it is to give away or to use yourself.

​Are you curious? Then stop at Feier a Flam and see what we have to offer in our store about Stay Spiced. There is sure to be something for every favorite recipe.

Or have a look at our online shop under thisLink.

Introduction: Stay Spiced
Tom EWERLING March 12, 2023
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