Feier a Flam represents the joy of providing quality food. In our courses and grill events, you will find that grills today are more than just grilling sausages over coal.
The range of courses goes from beginners to advanced techniques, to specialized courses like a winter grill course, pure vegetarian grill course, or even specialized children’s grill courses.

Apart from the courses, there are also events, such as Steak Tastings, in which you find out the differences between maturing methods, appreciate the benefits of various specialized cuts, and learn how to grill a perfect steak.
Steak Tastings Whiskey Specials combine the best of meat with the best, exclusive whiskeys.
All courses and events are organized in small groups, so that everyone is guaranteed to have fun, and that everyone can get the tips and knowledge around the grill.


In the basic grilling course, participants are shown the basics of modern grilling, on charcoal grills as well as gas grills. We go into different grilling methods and techniques, and together we prepare the menu on the grill, which is then eaten all together.

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The advanced grilling course is based on basic courses, and is primarily for people who want to deepen and diversify their basic knowledge of modern grilling.

The passionate griller is shown a number of advanced grilling techniques and grilling materials, and can help conjure up some unusual things on the grill.

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This course is exclusively about meat, how to select and treat it to grill the perfect steak. We explain maturation (incl. dry age) and show how one can conjure up a real treat from many - often even lesser known - pieces of meat.
The various methods of preparing this meat, combined with a large selection of salt and pepper guarantees a finger-licking experience.

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In the Steak Tasting WHISKY special, we combine the best of meat with the best whiskys. From selected cuts from a local butcher, we conjure up a small treat that understands the meat in particular. From a large selection of unique whiskys, we present with each course a suitable whisky for the given cut of meat. 
This way, participants of this course can enjoy the ideal combination of whisky and meat, and learn a lot about meat and whisky.

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Grilling in the winter is fun if you know how to do it. This is exactly the knowledge that this course offers, be it with the right choice of grill or the menu to be prepared on it.
With the right tips and tricks you can prevent the grill from going out and grill the food properly instead of just getting warm.

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Fans of Asian cuisine will get their money's worth with this course. We show how to conjure up the typically exotic style on the grill. Whether for a delicious finger food, a fusion with classic BBQ or a crispy salad, our wok and plancha will be glowing.

Let us whisk you away to the delicious world of Asia.

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