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Grill Academy

 / Grill Academy

Feier a Flam represents the joy of providing quality food. In our courses and grill events, you will find that grills today are more than just grilling sausages over coal.
The range of courses goes from beginners to advanced techniques, to specialized courses like a winter grill course, pure vegetarian grill course, or even specialized children’s grill courses.

Apart from the courses, there are also events, such as Steak Tastings, in which you find out the differences between maturing methods, appreciate the benefits of various specialized cuts, and learn how to grill a perfect steak.

All classes and events are organized in small groups of up to 12 people, so that everyone can have fun, and benefit from a maximum of tips and knowledge around the grill.

Just click on the courses or events to find out more.

BASIC grill course

In the basic grill course, participants are shown the basics of the modern grill, on charcoal grills as well as on gas grills. We apply different barbecue methods and techniques, and together we prepare the menu for a barbecue, which is then eaten.

ADVANCED grill course

The advanced grill course is based on basic course and is intended for those who want to deepen and diversify their knowledge of the modern grill.
The passionate griller is shown a number of advanced grilling techniques and grilling materials, and can help to create some unusual things on the grill.


This course is exclusively about meat, how to choose and treat it to grill the perfect steak. We will look at the difference between wet age and dry age, and show how one of many – often even less well-known – pieces of meat can make a real treat.
The various methods of preparing this meat, combined with a large selection of salt and pepper, guarantee a finger-licking experience.

VEGETARIAN grill course

People who want to try something different are exactly right in this course. Here they learn how to grill healthy, be it as an accompanying dish or as a complete menu on the grill.
Fruits and vegetables add immense flavors to the grill, and can be combined into complete, delicious and nutritious menus where everyone is seated at the end.

KIDS grill course

Kids love helping, at least in the kitchen. Why not let them help around the grill, too? This course is specifically tailored to children, and involves them. Here they get to see how they can grill something to impress their family at home with their newly learned grilling skills.
Of course, security is a big point in this course. This is how children learn about what they must pay attention to at home to avoid accidents.
To ensure security, one adult attendant must be present for every 4 children.

WINTER grill course

Grilling in winter is fun when you know how to do it. Precisely this is the knowledge this course offers, be it with the right choice of grill or the menu to be prepared.
With the right tips and tricks, you can prevent the barbecue from going out and grilling the food properly instead of just being slightly warm.